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Language & Cultural Training:

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Languages for human links

What are our values ?

Client satisfaction is our priority. Our focus is on:

-Commitment to learner success
-Respect for our learners and their respective cultures
-Providing excellence in our learning processes
-Designing tailor-made services adapted to the true needs of our clients

How do we make the learning experience a pleasure?

Rather than imposing a method on our learners, we begin by looking at how they learn and what their goals are.
The teacher then builds the course around the concrete needs of the student and becomes a true language coach. This way, classes become more enjoyable, more interactive and the student can immediately apply what has been learned. The knowledge is thus firmly acquired for future use.

What is my personal learning profile?

Do you learn better by listening (auditory), doing (kinesthetic) or by watching (visual)? Are you a face to face person, online person or group person? Is your objective professional or personal? Written or oral?
If you are an Auditory learner (15% of the population), we offer a method of immersion, and if you are a Visual or Kinesthetic learner, our trainers will adapt and offer you the most suitable teaching method.
We adapt the pedagogy according to your profile.

How does our process work ?

Firstly, each student is contacted by a teaching supervisor, in order to clarify goals. Students then receive an access code so that they can enter their detailed language audit on the internet platform. We then come back with the results and suggest a personalized program.
Course monitoring is carried out daily, with systematic review by a teaching supervisor who can then intervene as quickly as possible if the educational program needs to be modified or adapted.
Reports are issued with full transparency according to demand.
At the end of the program, students may be required to perform a final level audit to measure their progress. It is also possible to take an exam.

Our trainers

Our trainers are selected on the basis of their teaching experience and their previous business background, so that we are able to offer courses in various fields of activity. They are trained in the basics of NLP, enabling them to identity the best teaching path for their students and to adapt their teaching methods.
Our trainers are also chosen for their 100% commitment to ensuring that students meet their objectives.

How is our exclusive “Welcome to Switzerland” course organized?

This course is designed to help our clients quickly adapt to their new Swiss environment. It is a private « à la carte » course.

Each week is dedicated to the specific needs of everyday life as follows:
• 2 hours to study the theory, learn vocabulary, do role-play and prepare the practical applications
• 2 hours, a few days later, real-life applications
• E.g.: Shopping, transport and travel, post office, legal and insurance, the human body, medical and emergencies, household repairs and maintenance (plumber, electrician, alarm monitoring…). city and Swiss History, leisure and school.

Switzerland is a complex country for a foreigner with its 26 cantons (states), 4 official languages (French, German, Italian, Romanche) and many dialects (The Swiss Deutsch).
This gives way to differences in terms of intercultural habits and a real pride in being Swiss.
Our “Welome to Switzerland” course will teach you these key cultural differences within the country.

Our work, spouse and child integration courses

Work Integration Professional expats often have little time to give to their French course. Upon arrival, they must get their bearings and often re-adapt their work habits. They are often burdened with work duties and are constantly on the move with meetings, conference calls…
It is therefore important to give them maximum flexibility, so that the French course is
not an extra work load, but is a real pleasure.
We recommend a private à la carte course. The learner and the teacher organize themselves according to their respective agendas and the learner progresses at his own pace with the teacher focusing on his student’s specific needs.

Spouses daily life integration

We know that successful expatriation passes through the spouse and their positive integration into the new environment. It is indeed they who carry the burden of the whole family’s wellbeing.
It is therefore important to accompany them more closely by helping them in their daily
lives. Our French trainers are transformed into Live-French-Swiss coaches.
The private course à la carte is often favored because it allows a lot of flexibility on the subjects that are dealt with during the lessons, but also according to the particular schedules that family life imposes on the parents (children naps, school time…).

Child integration

Courses for children are adapted to their age and school-life. These courses can be done privately or in groups of children of the same age and same level.
We adapt lesson times and duration according to the age of the child.
It is also possible for us to organize intensive French courses during the summer holiday along with sailing courses on lake Leman.

How many lessons are necessary to adapt?

Our proposal entails 12 to 24 hours mixing French or German courses and practical sessions. In addition, 3 to 6 months of personal investment is generally required to develop a network with other expats and local Swiss people.

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