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Who we are

ExpatExperts is based in Geneva Switzerland.

We represent a panel of English speaking experts that have the professional and personal skills required to facilitate the arrival and settling-in process of families or individuals moving to Switzerland.

All of the experts we represent meet the following requirements:

  • They have more than 3 years of experience in their respective fields
  • They or someone in their company can speak fluent English
  • Our insurance, tax, administrative and immigration experts have the Swiss professional qualifications required to deliver qualified advice and service
  • They have a proven track record with consistent positive feedback from our community of users

We encourage ExpatExpert users to give us regular feedback on their experiences with our panel of experts, to ensure that the quality of the services they provide to new arrivals remains excellent. Do not hesitate to recommend an expert who should join our panel with a new service.

Our mission

Everyone has multiple challenges when they arrive in a new country. All of these challenges are demanding when one speaks French and understands the Swiss system and culture; for those that do not speak French and that have just arrived the tasks ahead can be greatly simplified with the help of local experts.

Our mission is to put our community of users into direct contact with a panel of English speaking experts that have the professional and personal skills required to facilitate the arrival and settling-in process of families or individuals moving to Switzerland.

Contact us for Immediate needs assistance

Why choose our service

Our service is totally focused on our users’ immediate, short, medium and long-term needs. Using ExpatExperts will save its’ users time and money by introducing them to qualified professionals who speak English.

The most common needs our experts will assist our users with are:

A) Immediate needs

  • Find a new home, be it a purchase or a rental.
  • Register with the local authorities and electricity providers and finalize residency paper work once a home has been found.
  • Comply with Federal regulations and subscribe to obligatory health insurance schemes and homeowner or tenant and liability insurance plans
  • Organize communication and IT issues (internet, telephone…)
  • Open a bank account
  • Organize schooling for their children

B) Short term needs

  • Buy furniture, decorate, get settled-in
  • Deal with mobility (motor vehicle, bicycle, public transport…)
  • Be advised on local tax procedure and file tax declarations
  • Understand how the health system functions

C) Medium and long-term needs

The list goes on depending on each individual situation. Finding interest groups, health clubs, where to shop, how to best integrate into a new life and culture, language lessons…

Contact us for immediate needs assistance An ExpatExpert operator will directly introduce you to the experts you require to assist you with the immediate needs you have selected.

Our Business Model

Our users are never charged for an introduction to an expert, the first contact is totally free with no obligation whatsoever to enter into a contractual relationship with an expert.

It is only once the user signs a contract with the expert that they become bound by the agreed terms and conditions between themselves and the chosen party.

The only exception is related to our extremely detailed insurance section. To simplify the vital process of buying insurance the content in this section has been kindly provided by our insurance expert and enables our users to:

  • Understand, in English, how insurance works in Switzerland
  • Select the insurance products they require
  • Choose the level of protection required (basic – good – excellent)
  • Compare prices and level of protection
  • Receive a corresponding offer or consult the expert

Insurance advice is free of charge in three out of four cases:

  • Accept the solution the expert provides – no charge
  • Meet the insurance expert for one hour and accept the solution provided – no charge
  • Consult comparative offers online (based on quality of protection) – no charge
  • Consult the insurance expert for one hour without using his or her solution or just to understand the Swiss system – CHF 300.

For the other services provided and their terms please consult the Choose an expert section.


As governments worldwide become more and more strict with their tax regulations and international reporting requirements, preserving and accumulating wealth is a greater challenge than ever.

Speak to our experts to make sure that your Swiss tax declaration is optimized. Are you benefitting from all the deductions you are allowed? Is it worth investing in property in Switzerland? Should I proceed with a pillar 2 buyback? For additional tax cuts should I invest in a pillar 3b, as well as my traditional pillar 3a?

For more complex international wealth and tax planning our experts can advise on creating offshore multiple jurisdiction trusts or companies. They can also subsequently assist with the administration, accounting, auditing and secretarial obligations.

Our English speaking tax and accounting experts are :

Our experts will help you:

  • optimize your Swiss and international tax situation
  • preserve your wealth through the creation of a trust or a company
  • with bookkeeping, accounting, audits and secretarial tasks

Our experts will help you:

  • find a property to rent
  • to get to know the city
  • with facility management


Geneva remains one of the cities in the world with the lowest property vacancy rate, with only .53% of the offer being vacant on 1 June 2018. This explains the high rental prices and the fact that locals take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to find a new property when they want to move.

It is extremely difficult for new arrivals to brave the home search procedure alone because more than 60 real-estate agencies manage the property market in Geneva, meaning few agencies have more than five properties to rent in the required category at any one time. The few vacancies available are then often attributed to the “well connected”, which is generally not the case of the newcomer!

To become “well connected” fast and find your new home ASAP contact us. We find a new home every other day for our clients, that is what we do since 2013 thanks to our network of agencies and landlords and our team of qualified home search consultants.


Property to buy is scarce in Geneva, prices are high and the system requires a considerable cash input to become a home owner. These facts explain why only 35% of Swiss citizens are owners and 65% are tenants.

The Swiss real-estate system is like no other in the world. Considerable tax benefits and high prices push the Swiss to never amortize 65% of their mortgage, they prefer to just pay interest, for life.

Finished square meter prices are anywhere between CHF 8’000.- and 15’000.- ; meaning 100sqm rarely cost less than CHF 1 million. For this amount 5% of cash is required for notarial and legal fees and a further 20% is required as personal equity, part of which can be withdrawn from existing pension plans.

Our experts will help you:

  • structure the financing of your purchase
  • find a property
  • sell your property for a fixed fee


Whether you just need to scale floor plans, a partner to help you to find the right providers fast and at the best price, an interior designer, an assistant to coordinate deliveries, fixtures, painting or cleaning our team are there for you at all stages of your decoration and settling-in process.

The majority of our clients rely on us because they have just moved to a new country or to a new property and work starts the next day! They simply do not have the time to visit numerous providers, negotiate, choose and to coordinate deliveries and follow-up. We not only help you do all of this, but we will advise you on the latest trends, lighting, colors and order furniture directly from the factory, so it can be made to measure or less expensive.

Our experts will help you:

  • choose your furniture & providers
  • coordinate delivery & fixtures
  • with interior design

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